Distributor Registration

Become a The Collection Hair brand hair distributor.

We know that you will be equally proud of our products.
The The Collection Hair braiding hair brand was created for women on the go.
Easy to install, high quality products that can be used to create trendsetting styles.
We offer various hot colors, lengths, and textures, using the best techniques available.
We guarantee that all hair carrying the THE COLLECTION HAIR label is of premium quality.
We are one of the few black owned hair importers in the US.

There is a $25 Registration Fee to Begin.

When importing braiding hair directly from Chinese manufacturers,
always look for the The Collection Hair logo, and BOBSA’s The Black Lady in the Circle on the packaging.

Requirements & Benefits for being a Distributor or Sales Rep.

  1. To become a distributor, you must purchase an opening stock inventory order and must have a storage space for it.
  2. Distributors and Sales Rep must sign an agreement.
  • You do not have to have a beauty supply store or storefront to become a Distributor or Sales Reps.
  • All Distributors and Sales Reps will be listed on the following:
    The BOBSA website, The Collection and The Collection Hair, with direct link to Distributor affiliate websites.
  • All Distributors and Sales Reps will receive 100 The Collection Hair catalogs.
  • Distributors will get its own affiliate website setup, an $1500 value included in the package, just pay for hosting and your own domain.
  • Distributors will have immediately accounted in their area of distribution.
  • Promotional material and free social media on all of our platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok.
  • Promotional fliers twice a month promoting your distribution locations.
  • Business Listing on the BOBSA App Directory.
  • All Sales Reps get 10% Commission, paid on the 1st and 15th of each month.
  • All Sales Reps will have their own sales numbers to track sales.

Distributor Registration