How to Care

Care Instructions

Keep hair clean by washing weekly with lukewarm water.

Try to avoid shampoos with sulfates and alcohol or with a PH balance higher
than 7.

Co-washing is highly recommended to clean the hair and maintain its luster.

Gently massage moisturizing conditioner into hair shaft; distribute the
conditioner evenly with a wide tooth come from end to root.

Air drying is preferred but you may gently pat the hair with a towel to rid
it of excess water.


Too many styling products may cause buildup, it is important not to put too
much product in your hair.

When using heating tools on the hair it is best to use a heat protectant.

Reduce the amount stress on the hair and weft at night by making a couple of
loose braids and sleeping with a satin bonnet or pillowcase.

Never go to bed with the hair wet. Doing so can cause tangles and matting.

Treat your Virgin Human Hair as if it were your own and enjoy being